Quick Note on Baking Cookies

At the request of a friend, I’m posting with a quick note about what to do when it comes time to take your cookie dough out of the mixing bowl and put it in the over. A few things to remember:

1) You do not need to grease nonstick baking sheets if the cookie dough contains a lot of butter/fat.

2) When you spoon cookie dough onto the baking sheet each “cookie” should be the same size. Thermal energy is transferred at a constant rate per unit area, so if you want the cookies all be done at the same time you need to make sure they have (roughly) the same area.

3) You get nicer/rounder cookies if you lightly roll each spoonful of dough into a ball. Do this the same way you roll matzo balls, with the palms of your hands and light pressure.

4) Dough expands when it bakes! Leave space between each cookie, and leave more space between larger cookies. When in doubt, leave more space than you think you will need. I usually leave about an inch

5) Most ovens do not transfer heat evenly through the interior. Look inside your oven – does it have a heat element on both the top and the bottom? If one rack is closer to the heat element than the other is you will need to either rotate the baking sheets or adjust the cooking time. If I don’t know a lot about an oven I will check on each sheet every few minutes.

6) Unless you really like broken cookies and burnt fingers allow the cookies to cool on the baking sheet before transferring them to a plate or storage device.

7) Enjoy your cookies with relish and zeal.

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